Happy Holidays with a 5% discount on all 2015 Tours!

Happy Holidays with a 5% discount on all 2015 Tours!

Here’s a little Christmas tune written and performed by Motolombia founder Mike Thomsen and his band Wish back in 2000.

MOTOLOMBIA wishes everyone happy holidays and a great new year of riding in 2015. To celebrate a fantastic 2014 we wish to offer you a 5% discount on any tour in 2015 if you book your spot before December 31, 2014 at 23:59!

Gift yourself with a incredible guided tour with Motolombia in 2015.

We are not only doing Colombia next year, we also have several international tours scheduled (some sold out already).

New destinations include: Ecuador and PeruBrazil, Venezuela, Suriname, French Guiana and GuyanaDenmark, Norway, Finland and SwedenCalifornia, Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, Utah and Nevada – and all with the promise to deliver unforgettable riding experiences!



Partnering with MotoDiscovery for the TAC15

Partnering with MotoDiscovery for the TAC15

227552_6714756461_2618_nSouth America continues to be a prominent destination for today’s motorcycle touring enthusiast, attractive due to its stunning geographical diversity, colorful traditions, layered cultural heritage and an inviting Latin charm. With two prominent players in the adventure motorcycling travel world entering into a unique collaboration, MotoDiscovery and Motolombia announce a fresh offering for adventure riding enthusiasts with the first running of the Trans Amazonian Challenge slated to gather in Cartagena, Colombia in August of 2015.

MotoDiscovery is an early pioneer in masterminding epic South America excursions going back to the early 1990’s. The Texas based company founded by Skip Mascorro and supported by a legendary staff team, enjoys a nearly unrivaled 34 year history in the world of organized motorcycle tours and expeditions hosting countless “mega” journeys on the South American continent. Groundbreaking events includes licensed travel of Cuba, intriguing moto tours of Iran and more recently, a successful adventure into the remote Caucuses of Dagestan, Russia during their first Black Sea to the Caspian Tour.

Motolombia, piloted by Danish expat Mikkel Thomsen now calls Cali, Colombia home, and has earned success tearing away at the myths and perceptions associated with travel in the country of Colombia with guided, and self­-guided tours and a blossoming motorcycle rental operation. With a growing fan base of motorcycle touring enthusiasts testifying to the wonder and magic of motorcycling Colombia, Thomsen admirably has helped put this once volatile, but now peaceful country on the map for adventure riders.

TAC15_logo_transpMotolombia­-MotoDiscovery collaboration/ Trans Amazonian Challenge 2015
The Trans Amazonia Challenge, a 45 day 8,700 mile (14,000 km) adventure ride, is the first venture generated by the teaming of Motolombia­-MotoDiscovery. The focus of the event is the 3,000 mile Trans Amazon Highway, stretching from the border with Peru through Brazil. The roadway was intended as a massive social project in the 1970’s providing “land without people for people without land”, and access from the mountainous Andean region to the jungles of the Amazon and Brazil. Surrounded in controversy, the highway did little to solve the social ills. Yet it has served well as a means of accessing the Amazon jungle regions and as an alternative to river barges and water transport. Only partially paved the Trans Amazon Highway will certainly in time rival the notoriety of Argentina’s Ruta 40 in the world of adventure motorcycling.

angel-falls-venezuela1The Trans Amazon Challenge will permit riders to use their own motorcycles or rentals can be provided and will be fully supported with riding staff and a chase vehicle. It begins and ends in Cartagena, Colombia and will earn passports stamps from that country as well as, Ecuador, Peru, Brazil, French Guiana, Suriname, Guyana and Venezuela. Approximately 20% of the route can be expected to be unpaved. With areas of the route lacking in traditional tourist services riders should anticipate accommodations, on occasion, to be rustic.

Additional highlights include the mountain top ancient Inca city of Machu Picchu, the mysterious Nazca Lines and Angel Falls, the world’s highest uninterrupted waterfall. Group size will be limited to 10 bikes plus staff, encouraging interested adventurers to make an early commitment. Pre­planning and preparation for such an event is considerable and creating a cohesive team of riders even before the rubber hits the road can be considered part of the fun and magic of the Trans Amazonian Challenge.

Read all the details!!

Legendary travel author Ted Simon rides in Colombia

Legendary travel author Ted Simon rides in Colombia

Its not every day we get a legendary visitor here in Colombia (though of cause many of your customers become legends in their own sense on tour with us ;-)

But earlier this month Mr. Ted Simon aka Jupiter’s Travel joined us on tour in Colombia. Mr. Ted Simon has circumnavigated the world a couple of times and written some great books about it. Check out Jupitalia.com if you really do not know who I’m talking about.
ted simon hacienda

Ted is 83 years old now and this year was the 40th anniversary since Ted rode through Colombia for the first time in 1974.

Back then he wrote:
“The Andes resolutely refused to pall. North of the equator they became more beautiful than ever, as they spread out across Colombia. From Ipiales to Pasto to Popayan, I was prepared to swear that I would never see anything more beautiful than these great mountainsides clad in grenery and bursting with flowers and flame trees. The homes were developed, and built in the most pleasing shape of all, around patios, with red-tiled roofs running out over verandahs. Unlike Peru, Colombia was a soft, habitable country, with streams and waterfalls, and good earth apparently everywhere.”

Now he posted this on his Facebook:
“Just got back into Cali and I want to say what a wonderful time I’ve had riding around Colombia with Mike Thomsen and his Motolombians. The views are spectacular and life is full of surprises. The other day we passed a man on a horse holding a wheelbarrow in his arms.”

Not much has changed in the rural areas of Colombia in 40 years and there  is no better way to visit these wonderful people than on a motorcycle.

Thanks for a great ride Ted and the rest of the group!

Sign up for next years Motorcycle Legends Tour with travel author Christopher Baker NOW!

AltRider – new partnership!

AltRider – new partnership!

We have made yet another great partnership to insure that our customers have the very best protection and accessories available for their motorcycle adventure in Colombia.

First shipment of gear will soon be arriving to supplement what we already offer from our other partners Mastech, Giant Loop and Klim.

Check out AltRiders product line here: http://www.altrider.com/

Rental Bike Touring Set-Up

Rental Bike Touring Set-Up

Our guide Rick do a run down on the set-up we offer for the Kawasaki KLR650. You can read more about the gear and accessories here.

Join Christopher P. Baker on a 12-day tour in Colombia October 2015

Join Christopher P. Baker on a 12-day tour in Colombia October 2015

Finally legendary travel writer and guide book author for National Geographic Christopher P. Baker has found a spot in his busy calender to join Motolombia as the Guest of Honor on our 3rd Motorcycle Legends Tours in October 2015. We first met Christopher when he was researching for the first National Geographic Traveler guide book to Colombia in 2010 and 2011.

Join Christopher and Motolombia on this one-time only Motorcycle Legends Tour from October 7th to October 18th, 2015.

Christopher is also the author of Mi Moto Fidel: Motorcycling Through Castro’s Cuba and leads motorcycle tours in Cuba for our friends at MotoDiscovery.

Go here to learn more

The Heart of Colombia Tour

The Heart of Colombia Tour

We still have spots left on our The Heart of Colombia All-Paved 12-day tour that starts on October 3rd in Cali.

Enjoy 2014 pricing on one of our most popular tours in Colombia.

Only $3690 USD on 650cc bike, double occupancy (from 2015 price is $3990 USD)

This tour really compressed all the best that Colombia has to offer, from big modern city life to 1500’s coffee plantation village life in the rural area.

Historic sites, spectacular scenery and best of all – world class motorcycle routes with many twisties and thosuands of turns.

To sign-up please get in touch right now!

Support Mike in his Race through the Sahara desert to Dakar in 2015

Support Mike in his Race through the Sahara desert to Dakar in 2015

Motolombia owner and lead guide Mike Thomsen has been confirmed to participate in the Race to Dakar – Intercontinental Rally in January and February 2015.

Mike is fulfilling a life long dream of riding the iconic route through the Sahara desert from Spain to Senegal as part of the Intercontinental Rally with a last stage on the beaches into Dakar.

This is a huge undertaking as its Mike’s first real Rally and not only a strict diet and training program has been set up, but preparations for the making of the Rally bike are in progress, a KTM Enduro 690 R and the whole adventure will be documented on the web blog www.TeamMotolombia.com for anyone interested in following the preparations and the race.

GET YOUR FACE ON THE RALLY BIKE and be part of the whole event by sponsoring $100 USD or $50 USD and help Mike reach the beaches of Dakar!

BMW MOA 2014 in Minnesota

BMW MOA 2014 in Minnesota

Again this year Motolombia where present at the yearly BMW owners rally. This year its was held in St. Paul in Minnesota.

We love meeting new and old customer at these events and would be happy to learn about other good motorcycle travel and adventure events around the world. We do both presentations and official stands at rallies to promote our tours in Colombia, but can also show up at dealerships and clubs to tell about our tours.

This year we have already been attending events in Australia, Sweden, Denmark, USA, Spain and of course Colombia.

See you soon some where in the world!