About us

MOTOLOMBIA is passion – passion for motorcycle riding, passion for adventure, passion for Colombia and passion for South America. It’s all about living the dream, taking a step out of the box and permitting yourself to live life to the fullest!

MOTOLOMBIA has been offering guided motorcycle tours and multi-brand motorcycle rentals in Colombia and South America since 2008 – a serious Danish/Colombian owned family run business dedicated to providing top quality tours and rental services for international motorcycle riders in Colombia and beyond. Our guided tours can be tailor made to fit any riding skill, budget and time schedule. We handle many private groups and corporate tours and we can of course always supply the perfect rental bike to fit individual travel plans as well.

was founded in 2008 by Mike Thomsen and Diana Carolina Puerto. The business has grown from a small side project with two bikes in the garage of a backpackers hostel to a full blown operation counting 30+ adventure ready touring bikes and several annual South American Expeditions, alongside the year round Colombian tour program. Tours range from 1-day trips to 60-day multi-country expedition.

Diana Puerto

Commercial Manager, Owner

Diana is a diligent Colombiana with a university degree in business and economy. Diana is in charge of the administration and development of the fast growing business and the current 15 staff. Everything is run from Motolombia’s HQ in Cali, Colombia where Mike and Diana also live full time with their 2 daughters. Diana is in the process of learning to ride motorcycles again She jumps parashute and races Truck as a hobby.

Mike Thomsen

Operation Manager & Sales, Owner

Mike is a Dane who has ridden in 90 countries and finished 11th in the Intercontinental Rally from Spain to Dakar in 2015. The last 8 month solo motorcycle trip brought him through Colombia. Mike was blown away by the country, its people and its many adventures. He found true love and is now married to Diana. Mike plays guitar and ride enduro bikes as his prefered hobbyies.

Paola Olaya

General Manager

Paola is the latest addition to the Motolombia team. Paola is an educated manager and works as our day to day miss-know-it-all. Her main job is to make sure everyone is on task and that the Motolombia team is always is working to improve all the processes from customer contact and care to in-house work environment. No task is to big or small and Paola is in the thick of it all.

Julieth Home

Reception & Logistics

Julieth is in the heart of operations. She handles logistics and is a great help to the management with the many administrative tasks involved in running a large motorcycle tour business. Julieth is the first person to welcome customer and always ready to give a helping hand to make sure everyone is ready.

Dennis Grouthues

Dennis Grothues

Tour Leader / Guide

Dennis has come to Motolombia with a bag full of experience guiding tours in Chile, Peru, Bolivia and Brazil the last few years for our colleagues at Compass Expeditions. Dennis has a background in Germany as a trial rider competing and winning championships both as a solo rider and with sidecar. He is also a very skilled motocross rider and most of all an around likable guy. Dennis is now leading many tours for Motolombia.

David "Mobster" Mobley

Guide / Marketing

Hailing from Brooklyn, David currently calls Cali home. Following a one-year solo motorcycle journey from Denver to Argentina in 2014, he decided to hang up the traditional ‘suit & tie’ in search of a more laid back lifestyle. David has traveled to 50+ countries, raced motorcycles professionally, sailed through the Caribbean, and most recently rode a bicycle for 100 days across the United States alongside his father.

Alvaro Alban

Workshop Manager

Alvaro previously worked 7 years as a professional mechanic for Honda Motorcycles in Cali, Colombia. Nothing is too big of a technical problem for Alvaro and he now works on all bike types and models in the Motolombia fleet with ease. On a daily basis Alvaro rides a Suzuki DR650.

Jhoner Burbano

Mechanic & Support Truck Driver

Jhoner is a professional mechanic with years of experience with Honda Motorcycle in Cali before starting to work for Motolombia. Jhoner also doubles as support truck driver for bigger group tours and is just an all round great guy. Jhoner is quick to help out with anything nessesary to keep the tour rolling.

Jerry Velez

Mechanic Assistant

Jerry has been with Motolombia since he could crawl. Starting as an apprentice learning everything from scratch and growing his mechanical skill along side with Motolombia’s growth while studying part time at mechanical school. Now he works full time for Motolombia and is quick to help out with any issues.

Leidy Londoño

Shop Manager

Leidy is the daily manager of Motolombia’s motorcycle and accessory shop – the HONDA ADV MOTO CENTER. Leidy welcomes everyone with a smile and is ready to help with information on all the products available. Leidy also handles paperwork on motorcycle registration and can order all products.

Claudia Pulecio


Claudia is in charge of accounting and she does not let a single page go untouched. Anything and everythong related to payments and invoicing goes through Claudia.

Leidy Perez

Book keeper

Leidy is a great help in accounting. Leidy does book keeping, invoicing, payments and help organize the ever growing stack of paperwork in Motolombia.

“Probably the best roads in the world! I don’t remember when I had so much fun riding the bike before. Thanks Mike!”

Raul Carlson

Raul Carlson

“Perfect in every detail! Bikes in excellent conditions, very good service and a local knowledge out of this world. Mike takes very good care of you and he knows where to find any kind of riding, and designs a route with a perfect mix. I will come back really soon, and bring my friends!”

Håkan Alhstedt

From Sweden