When you come to ride in Colombia you will find some of the most beautiful and dramatic scenery in South America and routes that will lead you across Andean mountain peaks and descending into warm tropical valleys, across deserts and through old colonial villages. The roads are endlessly curvy and scenic and the tarmac on the main roads are mostly in good condition.

It is finally, after decades of civil war, safe to travel in most areas of the country. The left-wing guerrilla have been seriously weakened and the right-wing paramilitary are being disarmed. Colombian military and police are taking good care of cities and roads all over the country and tourism is booming.

The options are plentiful. You can visit two oceans – the Pacific and the Caribbean, historic sites and cities, the Andes mountain range, the amazon jungle, coffee and sugarcane plantations, volcanoes, beaches, lakes, Indian ruins and lost ancient cities. Colombia has awe-inspiring nature and staggering biodiversity, it is considered one of the world’s ‘megadiverse’ countries and is number one for bird and orchid diversity. Finally the Colombians are possibly the friendliest, warmest, most helpful people you’ll ever meet.

Visa needed: NO
Currency: Pesos (COP)
ATM: Everywhere in major cities
Traveler checks: Not recommended
Language: Spanish
Time: GMT -5
Climate: From 15-35 degrees Celsius tropical warm to cool depending on altitude
Rain: Can occur anytime a year due to microclimates created by the mountainous terrain
Population: 48.000.000
Capital: Bogotá
3 major cities: Cali, Medellin, Cartagena
Famous for: Biodiversity, Coffee, Birds, Orchids, Shakira, Salsa, Montoya, Escobar and the most beautiful women in the world

“Probably the best roads in the world! I don’t remember when I had so much fun riding the bike before. Thanks Mike!”

Raul Carlson

Raul Carlson

“Perfect in every detail! Bikes in excellent conditions, very good service and a local knowledge out of this world. Mike takes very good care of you and he knows where to find any kind of riding, and designs a route with a perfect mix. I will come back really soon, and bring my friends!”

Håkan Alhstedt

From Sweden