We are more than happy to answer all your questions and concerns and in an effort to provide an even better service we are here listing the answers to the most common questions so you can get a head of the game. We look forward to riding with you!

What’s the security situation in Colombia?

You should not believe everything you read in the media, Colombia is possibly now the most organized and secure country in Latin America. Colombia has seen a incredible growth in GDP and living standard for it citizens over the last decade and huge infrastructure projects have been and are being completed everywhere. It can hardly be called a 3rd world country – maybe 2nd world if that term exists and its a country full of paradoxes from super modern cities to villages where life has stood still for a century.

In the past decade under the last and current presidents, the country has seen enormous changes. The right wing para-military has for the most part laid down their weapons and the left-wing guerrillas FARC has signed a peace treaty negotiated in Cuba ending decades of unrest and resulting in the current president receiving the Nobel peace prize.

What documents do I need to rent and ride in Colombia?
  • Valid passport with minimum 6 months until expiration
  • Drivers license with clear motorcycle endorsement
  • Valid credit card with sufficient funds to cover the security deposit
How do I make reservation?
  • Make sure to make your reservation well in advance! A reservation is not valid before we receive a booking payment and confirm this in writing to you.
  • We prefer a money wire transfer to our American, European or Colombian Bank account (if you wish to do that we will forward the bank account details).
  • We also accept major Credit Cards. To pay by Credit Card send us your card #, expiration date and full name on card and the 3 control digits. Make sure you cover all bank transaction fee’s.
  • Finally we can issue a Paypal money request that can be payed online. There is a fee of 2,5% added to the total.


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Am I insured?
  • All rentals include the Mandatory Insurance called SOAT, which includes Basic Medical Coverage for rider, pillion and any 3rd party involved in an accident.
  • We offer an Optional Damage and Theft Liability Reduction Insurance. For only $25 USD/day you can reduce your damage and theft responsibility significantly. If you purchase this insurance your responsibility will be limited to a maximum deductible equal to the security deposit held on the bike. The Security deposit depends on the bike model. If you decline the optional insurance you will sign separately taking full responsibility for all expenses including, but not limited to, damage, loss or theft and recovery of the vehicle. The insurance reduces, but do not eliminate responsibility for damage or theft and the rider must comply with all terms and conditions in the rental contract. Personal property is not covered. Neither does the Liability Reduction Insurance cover 3 party property. A Security Deposit will be held on your credit card before hand-over of the bike can take place and it is fully refunded once the bike is returned unharmed.
  • We recommend that you take out adequate Travel and Health Insurance, as well as Trip Cancellation Insurance as this is not covered by us.
  • We also recommend buying a membership with Global Rescue for Emergency Evacuation
What riding gear do I need?

There are no riding gear included in the Motorcycle rental. We do have limited gear available to rent (but no boots).

We strongly recommend you bring your own helmet and riding gear for optimal comfort and safety. We also recommend you use high touring boots and protective gear at all times while on the bike and you should carry a pull-over rain-suite on the bike at all times if your riding gear is not waterproof.

Full face helmets are required by law in Colombia.

Can I expect that everything is exactly as described?

Most times yes, but please bring good spirit and an ability to stay calm and be patient as things sometimes take longer in Latin America. However, we are experts in finding solutions to everything unexpected that might happen, so rest assure you will be in good hands with Motolombia.

Can I leave extra luggage somewhere while on tour?

You can safely leave luggage at the hotels we recommend or at the Motolombia facility in Cali. It’s free of charge while renting or on tour with Motolombia.

Where will we sleep on tour?

This depends on which type of tour you are booked to join!

We normally stay in the best option available (Hotels, Guesthouses, Resorts and some of the nicest Boutique Hotels our private mansions) with focus on 4 main features: safety, cleaniness, great location and good service.

The tour price is based on sharing a room either as a couple or in two separate beds. Upgrades to single room is available on all tours.

Where will we eat?

Breakfast is usually served at the place where we overnight, if not the guide will arrange for breakfast elsewhere before we ride. Breakfast is always included.

Lunches, dinners and drinks are not included on any tour. 

We always do about 1 hour lunch stop along the route and at night the guide will suggest a local restaurant where the group has the option of dinning together.

Vegetarian options are available most everywhere. Pescetarians will have good options for seafood and fish most everywhere. And meat lovers will be very happy!

Do I need to worry about altitude sickness?

Altitude sickness is usually not a problem, you need to get quite high up to feel the effect of altitude. In Colombia we go up to about 4000 meters and in Peru we on some trips cross passes of up to 4800 meters. We avoid staying overnight at higher altitudes, but there are a few exceptions on our multiple country tours. If in doubt feel free to ask us if the tour you are booking involves staying at altitudes that could possibly be uncomfortable for some.

Do I need to worry about mosquitos, snakes or other dangerous animals?

This depends on which tour you are looking to join. Generally in Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Chile, Bolivia and Argentina there are no issues. We recommend you consult with your doctor rather than guessing. Be aware that some malaria medicine have bad side effects.

We very rarely see animals that could pose any danger to us.

How many hours a day do we spend on the bikes?

Our typical day starts with breakfast between 6:30 and 8:00. Stand up at 8:00. We stop more or less every hours for a photo opp., water/toilet break or to fuel bikes. Between 12:00 and 2:00 we do a lunch break for about an hour and then we ride another 2-3 hours in the afternoon. Total riding per day is usually about 6 hours plus breaks. Some days we stop to do off-bike activities along the route.

Can I cross borders on the rental bikes?

We can arrange for a special permit to cross into Ecuador on individual rentals. This has an additional cost of $100 USD and needs to be arranged well in advance. It is not possible to bring the bikes into any other country without a guide.

What happens in case of an accident?

The very first thing you need to do is contact Motolombia by tel. (2) 665 95 48 to inform and get guidance on what to do next.

If there are injuries authorities should be notified immediately. The mandatory insurance SOAT will cover injuries to 3rd party, rider and passenger.

Do not move the vehicles until the authorities have been notified and arrived on the scene. If the vehicles are moved before authorities have had an opportunity to make their report this could affect how the insurance company will handle the incident.

If you know you are at fault it is recommended that you attempt to make a deal on the spot with the involved parties and pay a reasonable amount for repairs to the 3rd party. Be aware that the insurances does not cover damage to 3rd party property.

If authorities arrive on the scene this could result in the vehicle being confiscated and fee’s for impounding, judges and lawyers could quickly become a lot. Be aware in such an incident motorcycle insurance will be a avoid and you will also be responsible for damages to the rental motorcycle. This is the case if you can not present a police report.

What airlines fly from Europe to Colombia?

Airlines currently offering flights from Europe are KLM Airlines Air France, British Airways, Iberia Airlines and Avianca Airlines.

What airlines fly form USA to Colombia?

Airlines with flights from the US are American Airlines, Copa Airlines, Avianca Airlines and Spirit Airlines.

How much money should I bring to Colombia and what is the currency?

ATM’s are available most everywhere. The only real foreign currency that is fairly easy to exchange is US dollars, but also EUROS can be exchanged in major cities and airports. We strongly recommend carrying only small amounts of currency and relay more on taking out cash when needed. Travelers cheques are very hard to exchange in Colombia.

What’s the climate and temperature like?

Due to the geography and topography of Colombia temperatures will swing widely from nice summer temperatures in the valleys around 22 to 30 degrees Celsius to extremely hot in the coastal areas between 30-40 degrees Celsius and colder temperatures in the higher altitudes as low as 0 degrees. For most of the time during our tours temperatures will be between 15-30 degrees Celsius. and the extremes only for short periods of time crossing a mountain pass.

What percentage of the trip is off-road or on dirt roads?

We have divided our tours into 3 categories. All-Paved, All-Terrain and Mostly Off-Road.

All-Paved: usually means 90% of the route or more is sealed roads. These tours are ideal for riding two up and usually go to more touristic destinations and bigger cities with better infrastructure and accommodations. Occasional gravel drive ways, construction de-tours and small sections of hard packed gravel can occur.

All-Terrain: is more adventurous with between 30-50% of gravel, dirt and other type terrain. Experience with off-road is required and an adventurous spirit needed as these type routes we use are constantly changing. Accommodation is more basic in there more rural destinations where infrastructure is limited and less tourist go.

Mostly Off-road: this format is designed for expert off roaders who enjoy being off the beaten track with 50% of the route or more on gravel, dirt, car tracks and everything else you can imagine. It is absolutely required that you are good at riding off-road and can handle long days in the saddle in all types of terrain, including riding on road. Accommodation is more basic in there more rural destinations where infrastructure is limited and less tourist go.

Will we reach the ocean for a swim?

We are all about AWESOME motorcycle riding. This is why the majority of our tours are in the central parts of Colombia in the Andes mountains where the most exciting motorcycle roads in the world can be found. The coastal areas are for the most parts flat, straight and very hot and humid. We do reach the Caribbean coast on our Giant Loop of Colombia tour and all our multi-country tours reach the Pacific ocean. And the coastal regions are of course also available on customized tours.

How many kilometers will we ride per day?

In South America you rarely speak about mileage to a destinations. Distance is more commonly referred to in time. So “how far is the ride between Cali and Medellin?” and the answer will be “8 hours of riding”, rather than the 420 kilometers that the odometer will read. The reason for giving distances in time is due to changing terrain, city traffic, mountains, curves, condition of roads and many other factors that make the concept of time rather than milage a much more precise description on what to expect. So in terms of our daily mileage we usually prefer to say we ride between 6-7 hours per day which can mean 180 to 450 kilometers on the odometer. In general a 250 kilometer day is a BIG day.

“Probably the best roads in the world! I don’t remember when I had so much fun riding the bike before. Thanks Mike!”

Raul Carlson

Raul Carlson

“Perfect in every detail! Bikes in excellent conditions, very good service and a local knowledge out of this world. Mike takes very good care of you and he knows where to find any kind of riding, and designs a route with a perfect mix. I will come back really soon, and bring my friends!”

Håkan Alhstedt

From Sweden